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My Experience-Coaching is an unique way coaching, that will help you identify your goals, overcome your obstacles and achieve your full potential. I will provide you with the tools I learned and developed by myself in the last 20 years and guide you to your inner guidance and integral success in your personal and your professional life. The Experience-Coaching is the best way to develop personal growth through the connection of your body, mind and soul.

Energetic Healing

My Energetic Healing will let you release stuck emotions, clear your energy field and balance your chakras. This will promote your emotional, physical and spiritual healing and help you reactivate your vitality.


Guided Retreats

In a personal guided retreat you can reconnect to your spirit and body on a much deeper level, explore new perspectives and start being creative beyond your daily life. After the retreat you can integrate the practices to shift and change your behaviors for personal development.

Speed Sessions and Onetime Consulting

In my onetime Speed Sessions and Consulting you can achieve fast results for a specific problem/topic that you have. I will help you to identify your obstacles and help you to overcome/transform it quickly. The onetime Consulting and Speed Sessions are also for you if you need help to make fast decisions. I will help you recognise the way that will be the best for you on a whole level of your life.

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